Mighty Blue Heron



First time I saw you,

I was kayaking on a lake

I paddled closer to

 see what you were,

You looked prehistoric to me,

You were camouflaged

on the tree branch

That had fallen into the water,

I looked at you and saw

 how magnificent you are,

I paddled even closer to you

 and you took flight,

I watched you fly across the lake

with your mighty wings.

I noticed the blue

feathers you had,

I was amazed with your

 power and beauty.

The second time I saw you,

I was kayaking down

 the Potomac River

You moved your

head and watched me

Paddle down the river,

I watched you take

 flight and you flew

Past me on the river,

Once again I am in

awe of your beauty

You helped me to know

 that I had some one

Watching out for me

and I was not alone

On my healing journey.

I saw you three times

this past year,

You were my spirit guide as I

Was an on spiritual journey,

You let me know

 that I was not alone,

You were present while I

was coming home into my body,

You helped me to know

 that I am not alone

and reminded me of the beauty

That is in nature and in me.

You helped me to feel safe to feel.