Mother Earth


Mother Earth, you are the place that I call home

Mother Earth, you have given me birth,

You are the ground I walk on

The air I breathe,

The water I drink,

The food I eat,

The place where I live,

The clothes I wear,

The beauty I see.

You have provided me  with everything I need,

Mother Earth, you have been there for me

On my healing journey,

You have taught me how to accept myself,

You have taught me how to feel my feelings,

You have taught me how to sink my roots,

You have taught me how to breathe,

You have taught me how to meditate.

You have taught me how  to look for the beauty

in every living thing.

You have taught me how to be loving of myself

and all living things,

Along this path of healing  you have me sent

angels, guides, and put people in my life to help me.

You have shown me that I can connect to

Something bigger then me by being in nature.

You have shown me  the beauty in life.

You have been there in my grief.

You hold me each and every day.

Thank you Mother Earth

 for being there.




During the night wake up

Shaking and crying from nightmares,

Feel like they are here

 and it is happening again,

Am feeling terrified, alone, and hurt.

Decide that I need to talk to someone,

Pick up the phone and call crisis line,

The lady on the other end of phone

Asks me to take some deep breaths,

I start to breathe and

 start to cry more,

I am getting in touch

with the feelings,

I am sitting on the

 floor in my bedroom,

I feel my leg shaking,

Then my whole body

starts to shake,

And the tears are streaming

 down my face

I take another breathe,

I do not want to take that breathe,

But I do any ways.

I am sitting in the chair

 in my therapist’s office,

I start to tell her what

 has happened to me

She is there for me,

She is listening to me,

She tells me to breathe deeply,

I am hesitant at first

because I know I will cry,

She tells me that it is okay to cry

And to keep breathing into the pain,


That feeling is the only

way to work through this.

I do not want to breathe into the pain

But I listen to her and trust her

Breathing deeply helps me to stay in my

Body and express the feelings that I need to

Peaceful Warrior


I am fighting a battle inside of myself,

My enemy is Post Traumatic Stress,

My strength comes from myself,

Memories of what happened to me replays over

And over again.

There are flashbacks,

There are nightmares,

There are triggers,

The pain is so real and I cannot stop the pain.

I cannot stop the flashbacks.

I cannot stop the nightmares.

I cannot stop the grief.

I cannot stop the rage.

I show a brave face to the world but on

The inside I am crying.

Mother Earth is helping me to heal my heart

That was broken into thousands of pieces,

There are many days when I feel like I am broken,

I am determined to win this battle and to heal my heart.

I will not let triggers, flashbacks, nightmares control my emotions.

I will not let those tried to destroy me win this war.

I have awakened and I will find peace with myself.


I will love myself and forgive myself for past harms

I will love my body.

I will continue to grow spirituality.

I will continue to be mindful and meditate.

I will continue to speak my truth and continue to heal.

I will reach out to fellow Peaceful Warriors and

Help them to heal to.

I am Peaceful Warrior.

A Walk in Nature


Awoken in the morning by birds singing a lovely song,

letting me know a new day has come,

look at my dog,

he is wagging his tail telling me it’s time for his walk,


I put his leash on,

out the door we go

We are out in nature,


I smell cool crisp air,

Breathe deeply to fill my lungs,

Hear all of birds singing their songs,

Sense myself becoming one with the present moment,

As we are walking, I notice my body is relaxing more and more, and

I am becoming more mindful of all the sounds around me,


I look up at the trees to see they are starting to bud,

The dogwoods already have their blooms,

I look at the grass and see the first dandelion flower spouting up,

Saying here I am,

See my dog, prancing, so happy to be outside,

See him point at the squirrel close to us,

My dog is going crazy, barking at the squirrel,

The squirrel climbs up a tree to get away from my dog,


As we get closer, I see that the squirrel sitting on a branch,

Looking right at me,

giving me some animal medicine,


I notice a rabbit jumping around in the distance,

Also see a family of deer, that my dog has not seen yet,

We keep along the path,

As we get closer to the lake,

I see a blue heron perched on a tree,


Nature is beautiful and brings me home to myself,

I am now completely on nature time,

Completely relaxed and connected to myself.

Grounded and Powerful


Close your eyes and breathe deeply,

Sink your roots deep into the earth,

Come home to yourself and your body,

Allow yourself to connect to that place inside of you

That knows you are rooted deep in the earth,

Hear that little voice inside that is telling you,

You are safe,

You are strong,

You are an empowered Warrior,

You are beautiful,

You are a goddess,


Breathe deeply again,

Connect to that place inside of you that knows

You can speak your truth,

You can feel your feelings,

You can heal.

You are an empowered Warrior and Goddess who shines brightly.


You flow in the wind,

You allow the wind and rain to wash over you,

You have learned to surf the waves that crash around you,

You know that you are empowered,

you are healing the pain deep inside,

You know that you will never back down,

You know that no one can hurt you any more,

You have taken your power back from those who tried to destroy you,


You are safe,

You are a goddess that is standing in her power,

You are shining brightly so others know there is a way out,

You are healing.


Take three more breaths, in and out,

Allow the air to fill your lungs to capacity,

You no longer have to breathe shallowly,

You can take up space,

You can speak your truth,

You can feel your feelings,


You are connected to the earth below you,

You are deeply rooted,

You are very powerful.

Keep shining and ever back down.