Blooming Into A Powerful Woman

The Journey Back to Myself

I will never understand why six men choose to me

to violate and abuse me in the way they did,

Will never understand why nothing was done

to the sixteen-year-old who abused

me when I was eleven years old,

Will never understand why a police officer

blamed me for being raped and defended

two rapists at University of Cincinnati,

Will never understand why I was the one

that was blamed, shamed, emotionally abused,

retaliated against by chain of command,

Will never understand why I lost my career

for coming forward to report the crime that

was committed against me in the Navy

while rapist keeps his career and is promoted,

However, through all of this trauma,

I have broken free from there control,

I am no longer afraid,

I speak my truth,

I feel my feelings,

I have bloomed like the lotus flower,

Post traumatic growth has taken place,


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Heart Warrior

The Journey Back to Myself

I have been through a lot of pain and suffering,

I have physical scars that can be seen,

I have emotional scars that cannot be seen,

Many tears have fell from my cheeks,

I have felt so much rage and grief,

However, I have picked myself up,

Fought the next battle,

And continue on my healing path.

I am an empowered heart Warrior that is standing strong,

I am a heart Warrior that is putting her life back together piece by piece,

I have compassion for every living being and compassion for myself.

I am loving and a Heart Warrior that shares

Her love with the world and those close to me

I am strong and victorious,

I shout my truth,

I feel my feelings,

I help others to know that they are also Heart Warriors.

I will never quit,

I will never surrender,

I will continue on this path…

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